Adding Commands to Excel Quick Access Toolbar (Excel for PC)

When I switched to the ribboned version of Excel it was indescribably painful. I was quick and efficient at Excel and I knew exactly where I needed to go to get what I wanted. The ribboned version blew all of my knowledge out of the water. This interactive tool from Microsoft was very useful. But I also grew to love the Quick Access Toolbar and every time I go to use Mac for Excel I’m disappointed that I don’t have one.

Step 1: select the little down arrow next to the current Quick Access Toolbar options

Step 2: Select “More Commands”


 Step 3: This should give you a screen like this:


There are a number of functions/commands that I like to utilize in Excel that I can’t ever find unless I add them to my quick access toolbar. The main one being the option to “Select Visible Cells”.

8 thoughts on “Adding Commands to Excel Quick Access Toolbar (Excel for PC)

  1. How do you make Visible cells selectable in the list of options!!! I knew the steps, but cannot find the visible…

  2. I know this was over a year ago, but I was looking for “Visible Cells Only” as well. The wording above is confusing. Once you’re in “All Commands”, simply hit s to get you close, and the button that you want to add is “Select Visible Cells”. I highlight the range that I want to copy, hit my Select Visible Cells button in my quick access toolbar, then do a Ctrl+C to copy them.

  3. 2016 update: In Office 365 Excel 2016, “Visible Cells only” does not appear as an option to select when customizing the Quick Access Toolbar and looking at “All commands” list, no matter what I try . . . but “find & select” does so I chose that as a compromise. . . but then noticed once I had “find & select” on my quick access toolbar, I could click on it, which brings up the “find & select” menu which is where “go to special appears.” From there, I could right-click on “go to special” and click “add to quick access toolbar” and, voila, I have “go to special” on my quick access and it is just one click to choose “visible cells only.”

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